Urath Paen Dra'kull

Villain for "Retribution"


Name: Urath Paen Dra’kull

Concept/Bio: Emperor of the realms

Lifepaths: Born Noble, Lord, Lead to Professional Soldier, Captain, Lead to City Dweller, Neophyte Sorcerer, Sorcerer, lead to noble court, Student, lead to noble, Prince of the blood (15)

Age : 55

[Dt] Mark of Privilege, [Char] Your Lordship, [C-O] Savvy, [Dt] Gifted, [Char] Arrogant, [Char] Suspicious, [Dt] Scheming, [C-O] Charismatic, [C-O] Charming …

Axe B5, Martial Arts B4, Obscure History B3, Observation B4, Oratory B5, Persuasion B4, …

Affiliations: 2D Imperial Dragon Army, shield of the emperor

Reputations: 3D I am your Emperor! kneel or die!


  • Damondred, master of whispers (Significant),
  • Lord-General Colbreth, the Tiger, master of three armies (dragon, eagle, and tiger) (Significant),
  • Vaelric, senchal of the imperial residence, master of coin (Significant),
  • Sammodal Aludren, the Eagle, Hand of the Emperor (Significant, rival)

Gear: clothes, shoes, finery, traveling gear, Arms

Property: The Imperial Residence (palace)

School of Magic: 2D Ordos Magmaticus (fire and earth)


  • Bare Fisted I:B2 M:B4 S:B6 Add 2 VA 0 Fast Shortest
  • Light Axe I:B4 M:B7 S:B10 Add 2 VA 1 Slow Long May Great Strike
  • Dirk I:B3 M:B5 S:B7 Add 1 VA 0 Fast Shortest
  • Small Sword I:B3 M:B6 S:B9 Add 2 VA 0 Fast Short

Urath Paen Dra'kull

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