The Twins

Also known as the Light and Dark Masters among worshipers and those who do not wish to offend them. Sometimes referred to as the Scions of Strife, although his priests make no claims of parenthood on behalf of their deity. Among those who hold these gods in disfavor, they are called the battling brothers or the squabbling siblings.

The Twins names are Ropo and Ropae. One is the Master of Light and brings abundance in his passing. The other is the Master of Dark and brings destruction in his passing. The problem arises in that no one knows which is which. The followers of Ropo claim Ropae is the dark one. Likewise the followers of Ropae claim the same about Ropo.

When Ropae and Ropo followers come together there is always bloodshed and murder.

Amongst those of the faithful it is considered the worst kind of vulgarity to claim a particular allegiance in public.

The followers of the Twins, as a group, are known as the Isuur.

Outsiders consider the Isuur to be short-tempered and quick to the knife.

The Twins

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